Z-Endless Board - Reach the summit of your imagination with endless possibilities!


Swedboard Z-Endless logotype

New application! All of our SWEDBOARD®-boards are possible to order in an endless length, with a height up to 2400 mm.

We call it Z- Endless® Board!


The things you can create with Z-Endless® Board is uncharted territory. Only your imagination sets the limit on what and where you can create new and groundbreaking applications! 

Join us today at www.swedboard.se to find out more on how to reach the summit of your imagination!




Swedboard is a supplier of innovative and environmentally friendly boards to the Graphic Industry around the world.

We also add  a lot of knowledge, inspiration, research and future interesting materials to find new applications and possibilities for our customers. 

Z- Endless® Board is one of these products - start to think outside the box!

    • Big signage with or without construction
    • Exhibition walls
    • Store fronts
    • Double sided print
    • Other applications


The Z- Endless® Board is delivered Z-folded on a pallet in the right height and length.

Perfect to print both single and double sided. Big possibilities to insert 3D constructions in the Z-Endless® Board. Easy to deliver to the end user and resource saving to assemble. Let the construction pop out to create extra attention! 


In order to contribute to our common environment we have chosen to use only FSC classified raw materials for our boards.

A great advantage, both for the people that work with our SB materials and for the global environment, is that our boards contain a lot of air which reduces the amount of raw material needed to manufacture our boards. 

FSC approved