We take the solid paperboard to new formats and new possibilities!

    • Up to 2400 mm width
    • Dust free
    • 1 mm thick - 730 gr/sq.m
    • No cracking when bending
    • FSC classified and 100% recyclable
    • New possibilities for printing & displays

The SWEDBOARD® Solid - 1mm thick solid paperboard, 100% recyclable & FSC certified with small CO2 emissions

We produce it in bigger formats which gives the global large format printing industry new possibilities when printing & it enables big constructions or displays from only one sheet!

New benefits

We take the solid paperboard to a new dimension in many ways. Perfect to print on and easy to convert to different constructions. Both in digital cutting machines and traditional die cutting machines. We produce the boards up to a width of 2400mm, which give constructors the possibility to make bigger constructions from every sheet.SWEDBOARD® Solid has a very nice surface that doesn´t crack in any direction when bending it. The thin top layer of bio plastic gives the benefit of not having to laminate the surface, in order to protect it. The sealing of the surface makes SWEDBOARD® Solid work very well in humid environments.

SB Fibre & SB Solid Premium are all 100% recyclable
FSC approved

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

The SWEDBOARD® Solid is made of 100% virgin fibre that is oriented in a new way, which gives the benefit that it doesn´t crack in any direction. This combined with a thin bio plastic layer, results in the positive properties described above.We produce the boards efficiently, with an extremely small amount of waste, approximately 97% of all raw material are used when we make the boards. The fact that we also use a very small amount of waterbased glue, makes SWEDBOARD® Solid the best choice for our common environment.

SWEDBOARD® Solid is 100% recyclable

The SWEDBOARD® Solid can be recycled as paper in normal wastepaper streams, which is common everywhere throughout the world. SWEDBOARD® Solid has a small CO2 emission footprint, so once again, this is a very good choice to help our common environment to a better future!

FSC Classified and Made in Sweden

All our boards are produced in Katrineholm, Sweden. The fibre based material in all our boards are FSC approved. This is extremely important to us and our customers.

    • 1mm thick solid paperboard
    • 100% recyclable
    • FSC certified
    • Small CO2 emissions