SB Fibre

We take the rigid paperboard 
to a totally new dimension,
every way!

SB Fibre Up to 2500 m width & dust free
    • Up to 2500 mm width
    • Dust free
    • No cracking when bending
    • Customized production
    • FSC classified and 100% recyclable
    • Best rigid paperboard for
      3D construction
    • New possibilities with
      Z-Endless Board
SB Fibre PREMIUMSB-Fibre-v-cut-brun-300x175
    • Brown core
    • Best board for 3D construction
SB Fibre BROWNSB-Fibre-v-cut-BROWN
    • SB Surface layer Brown
    • Best board for 3D construction
SB Fibre WHITE CORESB-Fibre-v-cut-vit-300x175
    • Completely white
    • Best board for 3D construction
SB Fibre FIRE RETARDENTSB-Fibre-FIRE-RETARDENT-v-cut-mörkbrun-500
    • Fire retardent
    • Organic fire protection
    • No aluminum

The board is 100% recyclable & FSC certified with negative CO2 emissions. Almost no waste of raw material in production of the boards.

Customized production gives the printer & converter minimal waste as well. The core is manufactured in a new way which gives us the advantage of dust free boards, no more dust while printing and cutting or during assembly on site. No cracking in any direction while bending your construction. We are able to produce not only special formats but also customized colours on print layer, that fits your customer´s needs! All of this makes SB Fibre not only the most innovative & creative boards for both volume print and 3D constructions, but also, the best choice for our common environment!

SB Fibre Datasheet