SB Fibre

The board is 100% recyclable & FSC certified with negative CO2 emissions. Almost no waste of raw material in production of the boards.


SB Composite

The SB Composite board is made with a core that contains mostly air. It´s light, flat and stiff with a unique SB surface layer. It´s easy to work with and a very good choice for our common environment!


SB Solid

The SB Solid Premium - 1mm thick solid paperboard- 730gr/sqm and customized production! We produce it in bigger formats which gives the global large format printing industry new possibilities when printing & it enables big constructions or displays from only one sheet!

SB Solid Premium

Z-Endless Board

The things you can create with Z-Endless® Board is uncharted territory. Only your imagination sets the limit on what and where you can create new and groundbreaking applications! Find out more on how to reach the summit of your imagination!